As well as passion, dedication and commitment, integrity is an important part of our ethos. We conduct our services with an open and honest approach, and believe that our clients deserve transparency. These qualities are the key to building trusting relationships with those who use our services and the people we partner with to deliver it.

As you’ll be aware from looking through this site, there are many different services involved in buying, selling or renting properties. Righthaus can provide a complete solution to your needs, should you require it, and can put you in touch with the relevant professional / organisation. It’s no secret that, like many other estate & lettings agents, our business will usually receive a referral fee when we recommend a buyer or seller to another service provider. This is standard practice throughout our industry, however, the providers we use at Righthaus are not chosen just for the fee. It’s because we feel confident they’re the best person / organisation to fulfil your needs.

Righthaus shares the beliefs of NTSELAT (National Trading Standards for Estate & Letting Agency Team) regarding transparency around referral fees. NTSELAT has produced and published a set of guidelines for estate & lettings agents to follow, and also monitor our industry’s compliance. Righthaus strictly adheres to these guidelines, which are as follows:

Details of referral fees must be provided to buyers and sellers in advance
Declare who you receive referral fees from, and make them clear on and offline
Act in the best interests of the client, and allow them to make an informed decision
Outline which referral arrangements exist, and with whom
Advise the client in advance so they can decide for themselves whether to use the recommended provider
Provide all information to clients in writing, and let them know they can use another provider if they wish.