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Estate & lettings agents such as Righthaus provide services to a range of people. Not only are we dedicated to finding the right residential property for a person(s) to call their home, we’re also committed to helping independent and commercial property investors; whether it’s buying to let, renovating a property in need or purchasing land to build on.

At Righthaus we provide a consultancy service that’s dedicated to support and guide all individuals involved in buying / selling / letting / investing in this area of the property industry. Our services include advice and support with site appraisals, sales, obtaining land, and using our vast network of industry professionals to connect you with the right people and organisations for your project or investment.

New builds

A portion of the property industry belongs to developers of new-build homes. These are homes that have recently been constructed or are still being built and are yet to be lived in.

Righthaus works closely with companies and individuals involved in this part of our sector. We provide support to those who are looking to purchase a new-build, as well as partnering with local and national property developers and commercial projects, to bring a range of available properties to the new-build market.

There are many benefits to buying a ‘new-build’ which makes them attractive to many buyers, including:

Builders warranty

This usually lasts for 10 years so if there are any structural issues, it’s the builder’s / developer’s responsibility to fix it. A Defect Insurance Period is also implemented for the first 2 years where builders / developers have an obligation to put right any shortcomings with fixtures and fittings.

Less maintenance

As everything is new and unused, needing to maintain or replace certain items is less likely.

More energy efficient

Through the use of modern building techniques, these properties are often better insulated, have more advanced double glazing, are required to pass an air tight test and an efficient heating system. This can mean lower bills.

Blank canvas

As you’ll be the first owner, you’ll be the first person to decorate and personalise this home. In some cases you’ll be able to liaise with the developer / builder in an off-plan arrangement, where you can choose certain fixtures or fittings, such as: carpets, flooring, bathrooms and kitchen units.

No chain

You’ll be the first person to purchase this property, reducing the chain which stops with you. This may also reduce your chance of the sale falling through.


If you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, and achieve a return on your investment, property development may be the right move for you. Developers come in all shapes and sizes, including: individuals who are looking for a home-making project to get their teeth into, career developers who make a living from the profit made on buying a lower-priced property to renovate and sell or let out later, or larger businesses who specialise in converting unused land for residential use.

As a developer you’ll make a valuable contribution to the property industry, providing a range of habitable residential or commercial properties for the available market, including: houses, flats, apartments, homes of multiple occupancy (HMOs – e.g. student accommodation) and business premises. But what makes a good property developer:


Good property developers are often found to be those who are able to think outside of the box, possessing the creative skill to transform or construct a desirable and functional property / properties.

Financial understanding

You’ll need to be able to raise funds and understand how best to utilise your budget, as well as to recognise what sale or rental price is achievable so that your investment will be worthwhile.

Legal knowledge

Town planning and property laws may apply.

Project management

Whether you’re doing the work yourself, or employing a range of industry professionals, it’s important to keep the project on-track. Completing in good time will ensure a faster sale / let, and potentially, a good financial return.

Knowing who to place in your team

There are a range of people who’ll need to be involved in a development project, including: planning consultant, architect, CGI company, solicitor, accountant, contractors and an estate / lettings agent. Righthaus can assess your project and advise you on the services that will apply to you.


Investing in property makes good sense.

A property investor can often be confused with a property developer as the two roles will often overlap. Where these differ is the investor provides / oversees the funds, and the developer manages the project’s construction and maintenance from start to finish. However, in many property development projects, the developer is also the investor.

As a property investor you’ll need to ensure the project is going to be profitable, and you’ll be the one to make arrangements to source the necessary lender if you don’t have the funds available yourself. Crunching the numbers will be your main objective, as well as to ensure the finances are being managed efficiently. Your role will also require good knowledge of the current market so you can be certain your investment is sound, and you’ll likely be the one who’ll set the wheels in motion when the time comes to rent or sell the property. However, this is not to say that you might not want to become more involved in other areas of the project.

As an investor, you may involve yourself in many different types of projects, and in many cases the aim is to rent rather than sell. The benefits of becoming a property investor includes:


  • Profit is likely – property value generally increases over time for a higher chance of a good return on your investment
  • Regular income – renting properties can guarantee you a monthly sum
  • Business or pleasure – this can be a full-time ‘job’, or a side-line / hobby
  • Tax breaks – you’ll pay capital gains tax on properties that have increased in value and are sold on in this way, which is lower than income tax
  • Good financial return – some investors can achieve a return of up to 20% on capital invested

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